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Transfer with PKHEX from Pokémon from fourth generation to sixth generation.


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Hello, I would like to transfer my Shiny Groudon obtained through soft resef in Pokémon Soul Silver ( jap) to my Pokémon Y game. However, I do not have a 5th generation game. Therefore, I decided to send it through Pkhex. My question is related to the country, sub region, and region of the 3DS after I submit it to Pokémon Y. My Nintendo 3DS is American, like my Pokémon Y game. My 3DS console has the following data:

Language: Spanish

Country: United States

Sub region: New York

I would like to ask my question with an example:

If I initiate wireless communication between Soul Silver and Pokémon Black through the Transfer Laboratory, both cartridges in Japanese, on a Nintendo DS and an American 3DS respectively. Finally, I pass it through the Poké Transfer to Pokemon Y. Would the 3DS region, sub region, and country be correct as pictured?



Sin título.png25.png

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Yep, the transfer pretty much recreates official hardware transfer. Since you can trade the Pokemon to any game and any language (minus Korean in gen 4), the language of the carts don't matter in gen 4 or 5. The 3DS region information is set by the region of the 3DS that transfers the Pokemon from gen 5 into Bank. The only minimal thing that PKHeX transfer misses is nickname trash bytes from gen 5, but since you're transferring a Japanese Pokemon from a Japanese game that's not needed anyway.

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Thank you very much, so now I just have to send it :)

33 minutes ago, ICanSnake said:

Sí, la transferencia prácticamente recrea la transferencia de hardware oficial. Dado que puedes intercambiar Pokémon por cualquier juego y en cualquier idioma (menos el coreano en la generación 4), el idioma de los carritos no importa en la generación 4 o 5. La información de la región 3DS la establece la región de la 3DS que transfiere el Pokémon de la generación 5 al banco. Lo único mínimo que omite la transferencia PKHeX son los bytes de basura de apodo de la generación 5, pero como estás transfiriendo un Pokémon japonés de un juego japonés, eso no es necesario de todos modos.


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