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Outdated Word Filtering Error


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I'm not sure exactly when, but at some point during the past year or two, the name "Kiki" has been removed from the Switch OS word filter. PKHeX still marks any Pokemon with a nickname or OT of "Kiki" as illegal despite this. I'm unsure if any other parts of the word filter were changed. I've attached a picture of the name Kiki being illegal on 3DS just as it used to be, but legal on Switch, as well as the most recent version of PKHeX flagging some Gen 4 Pokemon as illegal for having the Kiki OT. (I wonder if this has anything to do with Kieran's nickname being Kiki? xD)




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PKHeX's word filter is a superset of all word filters; it is not per-generation/game. Only one word filter, used by all.

It is used for prior games to indicate if there will be issues if they're transferred forward. The OT may be wiped by the game/console, or blocked from upload into HOME; so it's better to let you know ahead of time.

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Ah okay, that makes sense! Apologies for the sort of redundant post, then. I think I assumed that the word filter only applied to the most recent generation because of mons being flagged in old gens despite the word filter not being the same then, and it did not occur to me that old filters like the filters on 3DS might still be flagged for the purpose of indicating to the user that it might affect the transferring process. Though that does make me wonder if there's any reasonable way to make the error more descriptive/helpful. I don't know enough about the backend of this stuff to say. Anyways, thanks for the quick response and clearing things up!

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