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Fix old semi-corrupted Ruby savefile

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When I was around 10-12, I played Pokémon Ruby and defeated the Elite four with it. Some years later during my teenage years I rescued this game and used savestates to trade legendaries with friends, and also did some progress myself like getting Rayquaza and the Regitrio.

Recently I've been trying to get this save working again, but it gives the "the save file is corrupted, the previous save file will be loaded" error. I can still load my "pre-teen progress" but my "teenage progress" is lost. Also, the Hall of Fame data is totally corrupted.

Is there a way to fix this old file?


I'm attaching the .sav files

Br0005 - Pokemon Ruby (BR).sav

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The file you uploaded is half the size of a normal one, so I put up a save file with the correct size, using yours as a base, and the data of a save in my possession for Hall of Fame and Mystery Gift. 

If you wish to keep playing with this save file, make sure you’re playing on a game that saves properly, and that your emulator also saves the sizes correctly. (Some bad settings/bad games can shrink the save to 64kb, sacrificing the backup portion and the HoF data. Also renders then not readable on PKHeX nor able to transfer to other games)


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