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Genlocke transfering


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So I completed leg 1 of my genlocke on firered and Pkhex worked just fine, now I moved to soulsilver and have trouble exporting my edited savefile, can anyone help me? Attached below are the two pokemon I want to generate, they are legal and all that (I think?)

0001 ★ - Emerald II - 7E4036F18C6E.pk40143 ★ - Quartz II - 06800882B218.pk4

I will also provide the savefile here so you can try and see what the problem is Soulsilver.sav

Would really apreciate any help you guys can give me, I really suck at using PkHex. Sorry for my awful english, it's not really my mother language.

- Bikku

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removed dumped ROM
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