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Ralts shiny lock removal XD


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3 hours ago, MIO1339 said:

On this two Ralts that came in XD can you do a shiny lock removal on this? and possible to get transfer in later on gen with getting ban in Pokemon HOME, can you help me please thanks

Maybe i do normal way of getting possible ribbon challenge0280 - ラルトス - 41333A30D4ED.ck30280 - ラルトス - 3533E1427363.ck3

is this what you are looking for?


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8 hours ago, MIO1339 said:


that ralt i need in shiny

i can use the pokefinder to make it shiny but i want to look your ralts first that you going to post here, thanks in advance

Obviously this Ralt has Shiny Lock therefore it is ILLEGAL, but here are the files you are free to use them


0280 - ラルトス - 428C3A30D4ED.pk8 0280 ★ - ラルトス - CA0F05D35BC1.pk8

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