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Recommend Wild Pokemon Editor For Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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You can do this manually, but it requires some very basic understanding of programming (specifically,  the meaning of "includes", "struct" keywords), some understanding of Json files, and some time to edit some files.

Fortunately I see PKNX actually added most of the needed romfs fbs information on their source code around 5 month ago.

This should be the file for Wild Pokemon Encounter https://github.com/kwsch/pkNX/blob/master/pkNX.Structures.FlatBuffers.SV/Schemas/World/EncountPokeDataArray.fbs

Includes files are all in the parent folders of the above files in github.


1. Download the above file, and all its "includes" files, and copy paste them together into one fbs file, removing any duplicate "namespace" lines if necessary. Make sure the included contents come before the EncountPokeData.

2. Download TrinityLoader (should be easy to find via Google search) and use it to open the romfs folder. Use the Treeview functionality of TrinityLoader to extract the file "romfs/world/encount/pokedata/pokedata/pokedata_array.bin". You should learn about how to use the Trinity Loader from online sources if you meet any problem.

You should also understand that in SV all the romfs files are packed in to one "data.trpfs" file, and TrinityLoader is the tool to pack/unpack that file.

3. Download "Game Mechanics Editor (Flatbuffers Converter Tool)" via easy Google search. Put the fbs file you edited in step 1 and pokedata_array.bin into the Flatbuffer-Converter "Input" folder and run "Convert to Json fbs.bat". You should learn about how to use the Flatbuffers Converter Tool from online sources if you meet any problem.

4. Edit the Json file in the Output folder, to whatever encounter information you want.

5. Put the editted Json into the Input folder and run "Convert to Bin fbs.bat"

6. There should be a new "pokedata_array.bin" generated in the Output folder. Copy-paste it back to the location you extracted "romfs/world/encount/pokedata/pokedata/pokedata_array.bin" using Trinity Loader, replacing the original file.

7. Zip the romfs folder into a zip and add it to the Trinity Loader using "Add Mod" button (uncheck the TreeView option first) and then Apply Mod. This final output should contain the modded "data.trpfs" file inside the romfs folder, and is what you would put into the LayeredFS Mod system of Yuzu. (Or if you are using other Mod system go your way)

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