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I need help moving my NO$GBA file to mGBA


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So I was playing pokemon emerald on the No$Gba when I was tired of some texture bugs in it that make playing some parts of the game absolutely painful, so I decided to change to mGBA since I heard it's just better. I set up all the mGBA files, I saved a new game on the mGBA and tried replacing the new save file on the folder with the no$gba save, I renamed it from .SAV to .sav. Then I started up the game again and it just said "New game". I searched on the internet about how to fix this, but they all say something about a RAW or compressed file in no$gba.ini, the problem is I don't see that file, I tried downlaoding the newest version 3.05, but it just doesn't show up. I don't want to restart since I have a lot of progress on my game, please help :(

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