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A Few Questions

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Hi all! Before I begin, I'm fairly new to PKHeX (never used it before). I did my best to read through the FAQ and previous posts and whatnot to familiarize myself with PKHeX. For reference, I have a hacked 3DS with Alpha Sapphire and Ultra Moon (and DS games via TWiLightMenu). My Switch is not modded by any means.

  1. I'll use the Kygore I caught in Alpha Sapphire as an example. If I edit the save file via PKHeX and turn the Kyogore into a shiny one (without editing any other details), can I then safely transport the Kyogre to Pokemon Bank, Pokemon Home, and finally to Pokemon Violet?
  2. If I generate mystery gift events on either Alpha Sapphire or Ultra Moon, can I then safely transport the event Pokemon to Pokemon Bank, Pokemon Home, and finally to Pokemon Violet?
  3. When it comes to shiny legendaries, is it safer to catch them normally in game and then turn them shiny via editing OR just generate them via mystery gift events (if they exist)?

I'm really just after shiny legendaries. I don't care to edit IVs/EVs/natures/etc. (I can just use mints and bottle caps). However, I do want these Pokemon to have my OT (case sensitive to my name in Pokemon Violet). I plan on using the Pokemon in Tera Raids in Pokemon Violet. I'm afraid of getting flagged and possibly banned by Nintendo.


Thank you!

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3 hours ago, Zaiders said:


Well first and foremost, you will be able to safely transport a lot of things since they don't really have the best checks at all, you'd have to mess up badly in order for a genned/edited pokemon to be blocked from transferring.

For 1 and 3, some legendaries are shiny-locked depending on the game so if you decide to turn them shiny then they'll be rightfully flagged as illegal by pkhex.

For 2, events should pass just fine, though use the event gallery and don't try to gen them from scratch. Would just have to (optionally) worry about the right date for the event, as some will automatically get today's date instead of the date when they were first distributed.

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