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New to this editor. Need some help

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Hi guys,

So this is the first time I'm using this PKHEX editor so please excuse my noob questions. I have a modded switch and playing pokemon go Pickachu now. Using JKSV app i created a save file, transferred that to my PC, using PKHEX I managed to open the save file - so far so good.

Right now I'm trying to intro new pokemons to my box like mewtwo etc but I always getting errors like this - see attached.

Even after changing the move types, height etc, I'm still getting "Unable to match and encounter from origin game". How can I resolve this and Import any type of pokemon without any limitation? 

I already checked the pokemon database and it should be available, correct? https://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/150.shtml

I'm sure I'm missing something very basic here but any help would be highly appreciated.




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10 hours ago, Kaphotics said:

Use the encounter database. You haven't filled out everything, hence the messages.

I tried several "met location" as per encounter db but it was showing that warning message again. In any case, the issue is resolved because with that warning i was still able to export the save and restore using JKSV. So all good.



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