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When will the PCNYc Gotta Catch em all machine ISO be released?

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Hiya, been following the PCNYc archive project for the past 3 years and have taken a massive interest in it. Has the ISO been dumped yet? I would like to tinker around with it, since I want to build one myself.

If it isn't, what's the progress on doing so? Sorry if I come across as impatient.

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Even if the ISO is dumped and shared, people can't use it because a) needs proper saves and most importantly, b) no emulator can run it.
It requires a NR reader (effectively a way to read dev discs) and AFAIK no emulator wants to include it.

Thus all it does is take up space for the layperson. If you're able to to build up your hacking reputation I believe you'll get a way to gain access to it, but that is something I cannot say definitely, since I am not part of the preservation group.
To my understanding, it has already been archived and there is no risk to it going missing, so there is no need for that too.

Anyhow, this entire discussion is piracy, and the forum rule's don't permit the discussion of piracy. So we should end it here.

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