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Rebuilding my little brother's Pokemon Emerald save file

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Hey all, I recently modded a GBA SP for my little brother and got him an EZ Flash Omega DE. He was playing Emerald but accidentally deleted his save file switching the cart from Mode A to Mode B. He wasn't too far in, but we all know how demotivating that can be. All the save files I've found online however are almost entirely completed, and he doesn't want to be robbed of the experience, he wants to pick up where he left off. 

Obviously it doesn't have to be perfect, but I'd like to recreate his progress as close as possible. I'm familiar with PokeHex, but there's too many event flags to keep track of. Can someone help?

For the record, he has 3 gym badges and had JUST entered Route 112. Last thing he did was fight the TV crew for the first time. He cleared the tunnel to Rustboro, fought all the trainers up to that point, including the family of 4 people in the house on Route 111.

The event flags for specific items don't matter, I just don't know how to set all the story flags without messing it up. I also can pretty much remember all the pokemon he has and edit it myself. Anyone have a save file close to this? I would be forever in your debt.

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Honestly, it would be faster to simply start a new savefile and edit in a level 100 Pokémon (make sure to match the trainer name, trainer gender, both IDs so it obeys you) into the party, and speedrun the first 3 gyms. You could even load the ROM and savefile into an emulator to assist with speeding things up, since emulators can run at any speed you want.

Recreating the savefile solely in PKHeX by manually editing flags and values would take longer than actually legitimately playing up to that point, even cheat free.

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