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Hey guys, with Pokemon Bank becoming free at the end of the month, I wanted to know if I will be able to transfer my Pokemon from my Japanese 2DS to my French region Switch? As I saw that I can't link my NNID to my switch because it has a different region.

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11 hours ago, Guts1802 said:

Then can I use PKHex for example pokemons from black and white to X and will they still be legit?


Pokémon Bank, unlike HOME, does not attach a tracker to Pokémon. So, in theory, a Pokémon that you transfer from Black to X with PKHeX will be entirely legal (even if it's not technically legit, which is understood to mean that it hasn't been touched in any way with any external tool). You can then transfer it from X to Bank to HOME if you have a way to restore that save into a copy of X.

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