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[Help] Pokémon Crystal Edit Trainer Name/Gender Showing up as "?" for Pokémon


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Hey all, I wanted to update my trainer name and gender in my ancient Pokemon Crystal save.

Went and edited my trainer card with my updated name and flipped my gender.



Then I used the bulk update to change every Pokemon in my boxes and party with the change


And just to verify. TID is the same still and the names/gender match! Great!

Exported and loaded back up on my Analogue Pocket. Player avatar and trainer card look right!

20230226_144959.png.320888b33140db7d46544165ba85676e.png 20230226_144803.png.db7f0069269ae143d24108e95bdd0560.png

However, when I flip to my pokémon stats, the OT now says "?" instead of my new name?


Before this is used to read "Devin" (my old name) ofc. This is my legit pokémon I've had form the beginning of the game


Also just tried saving the game and resetting but no dice. Did I miss a step? Is there a bug here?

Thanks all for this wonderful utility.

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