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【Scarlet/Violet】Is the 6IV ditto fixed for certain PID only ? (Encounter Database)


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hey guys !

i've got 2 problems , hopefully someone could give me a hand on it.

i got a 6IV ditto from tera cave (no savedata edited)  and whenever i tried to reroll the PID for the ditto in PKHex , it shows that "unable to match an encounter from origin game"

is it possible that some Gen9 pokemon's PID are somehow related to their IV and nature?

its really weird that i couldn't find any 6IV Dittos in the encounter database (its like maximun only 5IV)
then i tried to modified the IV manually , in result it shows ""unable to match an encounter from origin game" again 

just wondering if there's anyway to generate a 6IV Ditto from encounter database whitch is met in tera cave!

plz help me ! thanks a lot !


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