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SV Ride Pokemon Data is hidden in BoxInfo Object Data Block


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I tried to switch save versions from Scarlet to Violet, changed the Items, Trainer Data and Info but after everything. the Ride Pokemon still doesn't seem to change. I've done some digging, playing both versions until you get the Ride Pokemon, comparing save files, and I've stumbled across the location where SV stores the Ride Pokemon.

I believe the Ride Pokemon in SV is hidden in the PKHeX BoxInfo Object Data Block. Attached are two BoxInfo Object Data Block compared from two similar progress saves. The image below shows the only difference between the BoxInfo Object Data of both my saves and describes a Koraidon and a Miraidon when put in one of the storage boxes. I've also tried loading the Violet BoxInfo to one of my Scarlet saves after backing up the other Pokemon in the Boxes and worked.

Can someone also confirm this? Also it would be nice if PKHeX also changes this data from the SV saves as to make it easier to change Trainer Data of the underlying Ride Pokemon and also the Ride Pokemon itself.



scarlet-0D66012C.bin violet-0D66012C.bin

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