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Hey everyone,  hope to get some general response/answers if possible.

Last time i modified pokemon was using an action replay for diamond and pearl for the ds.  Played a lot of Pokemon Showdown and really just love the option of making pokemon quickly and being able to have a lot of mons to use competitively without having to invest as much time as just training them.  

After doing a bit of lurking I'm assuming I need a jail broken switch (which i don't have any experience with, but have no problem looking into) and then some knowledge of creating save files/ I'm specifically looking to do this for scarlet and violet, I realize that's probably the most difficult to do.  As time goes by I'm sure the reliability of using said modified pokemon will become better as things get ironed out.  Looking through the tutorials here and what not, curious if there are any youtube videos breaking down this for dumbies to kind of make it fool proof.   

I guess I'm also hoping to find out how easy/safe is it to use modified pokemon online in game without the risk of getting banned, assuming they pass the legal check?  

Thank you for any information or insight you guys can provide :)

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