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Event/Japanese Fennekin naming language, what is occurring here?


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I downloaded the event Fennekin from the event gallery and claimed it in my English version of Pokémon X. I noted that it wasn't considered Japanese and decided I wanted to change this in PKHex because to me it would seem more legit as the event was only available in Japan. This seemed to work fine but once evolved in the game its name changed to 'Braxien' and then 'Delphox', it was still considered Japanese, but the name changed to English after evolution. But when I edited the Delphox in PKHex (to give it contest moves) its name reverted to the Japanese characters. I was wondering what might be occurring here, is this being correctly handled by PKHex or should it maintain the English name after editing it?


Further info I just discovered when saving the pk6 file: When I right click on Delphox and click 'view' the name appears in Japanese, if I then 'view' it again while it's still the active pokemon the name changes to English. If I open another pokemon and then come back to Delphox the name has reverted to Japanese again. Which makes me suspect PKHex is mishandling the name data somehow. I'm uploading the save file and the pk6 with this post for you to check.

main 655 - Delphox - 12ABD705BCCA.pk6

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