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Can't seem to get a legit mon Need help please.


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Good evening. I hope all is well. I'm currently going through Pokemon Crystal on the VC (3DS version via Citra) and I can't seem to gen a legit pokemon. The attachment is using Celebi as an example, but for these versions of GSC (all 3 are having these issues), for any pokemon I want to use, I can't seem to change the game origins. I looked all over the place and can't seem to get a clear answer. I'm wondering, what am I doing wrong? I'm trying to add a pokemon that isn't available in C, but it is on GS, for my team. If anybody can help me out. I'd highly appreciate it. 

If it helps, the game file extension is .cci and not .cia/.3ds. The save data is a .sav file

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