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Pokegen Saving Issues


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Hello. I've recently been having trouble with Pokegen crashing after saving and more importantly DeSmuMe not opening the files it makes before crashing properly.

I'm currently playing Platinum US and running it on DeSmuMe for Mac. I've used wineskin to run Pokegen as it puts less stress on my computer than PKhex does.

My problem is pretty simple - it's saving files as .dst.bak instead of just .dst, and DeSmuMe won't open that. This is my second attempt of a Nuzlocke, and during my first attempt Pokegen was working perfectly.

I haven't used the in game save feature at all, as I was far past Gardenia when I discovered you can create a new game without being able to save on earlier gens. Any help would be really appreciated!

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4 hours ago, Kaphotics said:

dst are save states; save in game to properly get save files

"bak" files are backup... the program is likely overwriting the dst as you told it to, but it additionally creates a backup since you overwrote the original.

I wish that was the case, but the saves are completely unedited. I'll open the replaced file and it won't have changed.

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Well, I found a fix. After I wiped, I made sure to delete the main save file so I could save in-game as well as save state for trades. As it turns out, that's all I needed to do. I guess Pokegen doesn't like using save state files that aren't from a game with an in-game save.

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