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PKHeX.Mobile save file editor for Android phones

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How is it going! 

I found this pkhex apk for Android devices. 

I wanted to try using it with myboy but apparently it doesn't work with that emulator, for now only with the MAIN pokémon sun, moon, ultradumbre and ultramoon.  

The pkhex for android works well just need to add the possibility of editing in the SAV of the other emulators. 

I am not the creator of the android apk of this pkhex, watch it on youtube, if the creators are here please let me know to give you the corresponding credits.  

Captura de pantalla_20220709_010913_com.huawei.android.launcher_edit_72866515602943.jpg Captura de pantalla_20220709_010900_com.Proyecto Pokémon.PKHeX.jpg Captura de pantalla_20220709_010842_com.Proyecto Pokémon.PKHeX.jpg  Screenshot_20220709_014134_com.google.android.youtube_edit_74777448271401.jpg Screenshot_20220709_014144_com.google.android.youtube_edit_74792965581295.jpg


mod edit: removed link

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I was the one who developed it. You can download the APK the same way you can download via Azure Pipelines. Note that it is a "proof of concept" app; since nobody else has contributed to developing the app, I do not have the time to develop it much further than the features it already has. It actually supports iPhones too, but requires a separate build environment (run from a Mac) that is not automatically posted online.


The youtuber that reuploaded it with their branding is misattributing it and is not contributing to the application's development.

image.png <-- not me. The YouTube'r can't tell the difference between a user who "compiled the app" (aka downloading it from Azure Pipelines and sharing it with their friends) and actual programming/development.

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On 11/13/2022 at 12:50 PM, Icestorm1369 said:

I know this place is probs gone quite but been getting this issue that been for black dsi version any help would be great since its a pain to make a brand new thread for this.

Using DraStic ds emulator if you need files just ask ill send it through email.


Not very knowledgeable on this topic but the error to me seems like your permissions aren't turned on for this program?

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