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Cheat code Assistance Regarding Pokémon: Platinum

Teal Mahogany

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I have gone to every website and database (that I know of) that contains cheatcodes for Platinum, and yet there is no such cheat to instantly evolve a Pokémon. The reason that I would like to do this is a bit complicated, but essentially:

I am using OpenEmu 2.3.3 to play Pokémon: Platinum Version

I need to evolve my Seadra into a Kingdra, and I do not have access to trading, because I am unable to save my game.

I have a previous savestate of my game which prevents me from saving my current game, which I am very far into, and so I cannot exit my current game to delete the old game unless I loose my current game. (Of course, the game instructions tell me to go to the title page, then press up + select + B)

My problem could technically also be solved with a cheat that would allow me to overwrite any previously saved file...

However, I believe that the most effective way to solve this problem would simply be to evolve Kingdra by level up, just like any other Pokémon.

Is there a cheat code that would allow the first Pokémon in my party to evolve after battle, regardless of level and evolution requirements?

 If a cheat like this does not exist, could someone PLEASE refer me to a person who can make this cheat-code a reality?

Thank you very much!


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