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PKHEX Legends Arceus Manaphy glitch

Baby Hoopa

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When I attempt to load Manaphy from the encounter database in Legends Arceus it is immediately flagged as illegal without me editing it at all. The error massage reads: "Invalid: Initial move mastery flags do not match the encounter's expected state" None of the info for this Manaphy has been changed, this is straight from the encounter database, and no matter what I change about the Manaphy it won't become legal. This only started happening after the latest PKHEX update. I attached a screenshot of the error along with the unaltered Manaphy file for anyone who can help me figure this out.

00001 Pkhex Error.png

490 - Manaphy - Illegal.pa8

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Try using the Encounter Database on the latest dev build instead, there have been a few additional updates to Move Shop flag legality since:

.MoveMastery=$suggest or $suggestAll are options for the Batch Editor on latest dev build as well, they should be able to correct any flag issues.

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