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Easier Way To Legalize Memory/Feeling?

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So, when a Pokémon is flagged as illegal because of memory and/or feeling, I have no idea (that I know of) how to know what to set them to so that they're legit. Is there a way this can be made much more simpler and show you which legal feeling option per legal memory option to set? I have a ton of Pokémon in majority of my boxes on Alpha Sapphire where the only issue with them all is the memory/feeling, and I'm not sure why since I haven't played it in a long while. The only way for me to make them legal is to go through every single memory & feeling option and that is suuuper time-consuming.

EDIT3 (FIX): I set the values to this for Batch Editor and it makes them all legal:


EDIT2: Ok, so if I set *both* OT and non-OT memory to: "{0} got treats from..." and the feeling to: "it got overwhelmed by emotion" and then intensity of 2 or higher, it makes them legal....now, how can I do this with batch editor? I found the HT/OT options, but not sure what values to put for them all.


EDIT: All I've really seen about this on these forums are "try each feeling until it works," but ehh...no simpler way that isn't as time-consuming?

Thank you.


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