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Game Freezing After Using PKHeX (SwSh)

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To anyone having a problem involving their game freezing after editing dens, deactivate (go to raids, and put "none" on den types) ALL of your dens. This should fix your problem. 

  Your save was not corrupted, it was only a freeze because of all the dens that were active.

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There’s more than one reason why SWSH may not load, but yeah, that is one of them. Having too many dens active may work on lower version revisions, but not on higher ones.

For the record, this ‘issue’ mentioned has nothing to do with PKHeX. It thoroughly due to the user doing impossible stuff to their game, and the game stops it.

While not at the level of preventing the game from launching, if you have more than a certain amount (I think 10) dens active in the same Wild area Cluster (defined by Galar or IoA or CT), the “beam of lights” for many others won’t load in. The den would be active, but with no light shooting out.

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