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Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon - ActionReplay Codes


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Here I have some Codes or Action Replays that work in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.

I hope you enjoy it! :) 

North America/USA

ID: 0004000000174600

[Max Money (Press X+Y)]
DD000000 00000C00
00A14AC8 0001869F

[1st Member (Hero/Leader) Pokémon: Stats]
10A130D0 00000XXX HP
10A130D4 00000XXX
20A13104 000000YY Attack
20A13108 000000YY
20A1310C 000000YY Defense
20A13110 000000YY
20A13114 000000YY Sp. Attack
20A13118 000000YY
20A1311C 000000YY Sp. Defense
20A13120 000000YY
20A1313C 000000YY Speed
20A13140 000000YY

[2nd Member (Partner) Pokémon: Stats]
10A131D8 00000XXX HP
10A131DC 00000XXX
20A1320C 000000YY Attack
20A13210 000000YY
20A13214 000000YY Defense
20A13218 000000YY
20A1321C 000000YY Sp. Attack
20A13220 000000YY
20A13224 000000YY Sp. Defense
20A13228 000000YY
20A13244 000000YY Speed
20A13248 000000YY

[3rd Member Pokémon: Stats]
10A132E0 00000XXX HP
10A132E4 00000XXX
20A13314 000000YY Attack
20A13318 000000YY
20A1331C 000000YY Defense
20A13320 000000YY
20A13324 000000YY Sp. Attack
20A13328 000000YY
20A1332C 000000YY Sp. Defense
20A13330 000000YY
20A1334C 000000YY Speed
20A13350 000000YY

[1st Member (Hero/Leader) Pokémon: Move Modifier]
10A13174 00000ZZZ
10A13180 00000ZZZ
10A1318C 00000ZZZ
10A13198 00000ZZZ

[2nd Member (Partner) Pokémon: Move Modifier]
10A1327C 00000ZZZ
10A13288 00000ZZZ
10A13294 00000ZZZ
10A132A0 00000ZZZ

[3rd Member Pokémon: Move Modifier]
10A13384 00000ZZZ
10A13390 00000ZZZ
10A1339C 00000ZZZ
10A133A8 00000ZZZ

[Team: MAX Exp]
00A130E4 004C4B40
00A131EC 004C4B40
00A132F4 004C4B40

[Team: 0 Exp]
00A130E4 00000000
00A131EC 00000000
00A132F4 00000000

[Team: Max Belly (Press L+R)]
DD000000 00000300
10A130D8 00004E20
10A131E0 00004E20
10A132E8 00004E20
D0000000 00000000

[Team: Refill PP (Press L+B)]
DD000000 00000202
20A13178 00000063
20A13184 00000063
20A13190 00000063
20A1319C 00000063
20A13280 00000063
20A1328C 00000063
20A13298 00000063
20A132A4 00000063
20A13388 00000063
20A13394 00000063
20A133A0 00000063
20A133AC 00000063
D0000000 00000000

[9999 Gold Bars]
00A14AD8 0000270F

[Max Team Points]
00A150D4 000FF0B4


ID: 0004000000174400

[Infinite Money (Press X+Y)]
DD000000 00000C00
00A19588 0001869F

[1st Member (Hero/Leader) Pokémon: Stats]
10A17B90 00000XXX HP
10A17B94 00000XXX
20A17BC4 000000YY Attack
20A17BC8 000000YY
20A17BCC 000000YY Defense
20A17BD0 000000YY
20A17BD4 000000YY Sp. Attack
20A17BD8 000000YY
20A17BDC 000000YY Sp. Defense
20A17BE0 000000YY
20A17BFC 000000YY Speed
20A17C00 000000YY

[2nd Member (Partner) Pokémon: Stats]
10A17C98 00000XXX HP
10A17C9C 00000XXX
20A17CCC 000000YY Attack
20A17CD0 000000YY
20A17CD4 000000YY Defense
20A17CD8 000000YY
20A17CDC 000000YY Sp. Attack
20A17CE0 000000YY
20A17CE4 000000YY Sp. Defense
20A17CE8 000000YY
20A17D04 000000YY Speed
20A17D08 000000YY

[3rd Member Pokémon: Stats]
10A17DA0 00000XXX HP
10A17DA4 00000XXX
20A17DD4 000000YY Attack
20A17DD8 000000YY
20A17DDC 000000YY Defense
20A17DE0 000000YY
20A17DE4 000000YY Sp. Attack
20A17DE8 000000YY
20A17DEC 000000YY Sp. Defense
20A17DF0 000000YY
20A17E0C 000000YY Speed
20A17E10 000000YY

[1st Member (Hero/Leader) Pokémon: Move Modifier]
10A17C34 00000ZZZ
10A17C40 00000ZZZ
10A17C4C 00000ZZZ
10A17C58 00000ZZZ

[2nd Member (Partner) Pokémon: Move Modifier]
10A17D3C 00000ZZZ
10A17D48 00000ZZZ
10A17D54 00000ZZZ
10A17D60 00000ZZZ

[3rd Member Pokémon: Move Modifier]
10A17E44 00000ZZZ
10A17E50 00000ZZZ
10A17E5C 00000ZZZ
10A17E68 00000ZZZ

[Team: MAX Exp]
00A17BA4 004C4B40
00A17CAC 004C4B40
00A17DB4 004C4B40

[Team: 0 Exp]
00A17BA4 00000000
00A17CAC 00000000
00A17DB4 00000000

[Team: Max Belly (Press L+R)]
DD000000 00000300
10A17B98 00004E20
10A17CA0 00004E20
10A17DA8 00004E20
D0000000 00000000

[Team: Refill PP (Press L+B)]
DD000000 00000202
20A17C38 00000063
20A17C44 00000063
20A17C50 00000063
20A17C5C 00000063
20A17D40 00000063
20A17D4C 00000063
20A17D58 00000063
20A17D64 00000063
20A17E48 00000063
20A17E54 00000063
20A17E60 00000063
20A17E6C 00000063
D0000000 00000000

[9999 Gold Bars]
00A19598 0000270F

[Max Team Points]
00A19B94 000FF0B4


XXX - HPs Digits.


000 = 0 HP

064 = 100 HP

0C8 = 200 HP

12C = 300 HP

190 = 400 HP

1F4 = 500 HP (Max HP in the Game!)

YY - Stats Digits.


00 = 0 Stat (Lowest Stat)

19 = 25 Stat

32 = 50 Stat

4B = 75 Stat

FF = 255 Stat (Max Stat)

ZZZ - Moves Digits

Here are some digits.

000 No Move
001 Pound
002 Karate Chop
003 DoubleSlap
004 Comet Punch
005 Mega Punch
006 Pay Day
007 Fire Punch
008 Ice Punch
009 Thunderpunch
00A Scratch
00B Vicegrip
00C Guillotine
00D Razor Wind
00E Swords Dance
00F Cut
010 Gust
011 Wing Attack
012 Whirlwind
013 Fly
014 Bind
015 Slam
016 Vine Whip
017 Stopm
018 Double Kick
019 Mega Kick
01A Jump Kick
01B Rolling Kick
01C Sand-Attack
01D Headbutt
01E Horn Attack
01F Fury Attack
020 Horn Drill
021 Tackle
022 Body Slam
023 Wrap
024 Take Down
025 Thrash
026 Double-Edge
027 Tail Whip
028 Poisoh Sting
029 Twineedle
02A Pin Missile
02B Leer
02C Bite
02D Growl
02E Roar
02F Sing
030 Supersonic
031 Sonicboom
032 Disable
033 Acid
034 Ember
035 Flamethrower
036 Mist
037 Water Gun
038 Hydro Pump
039 Surf
03A Ice Beam
03B Blizzard
03C Psybeam
03D Bubblebeam
03E Aurora Beam
03F Hyper Beam
040 Peck
041 Drill Peck
042 Submission
043 Low Kick
044 Counter
045 Seismic Toss
046 Strength
047 Absorb
048 Mega Drain
049 Leech Seed
04A Growth
04B Razor Leaf
04C Solarbeam
04D Poisonpowder
04E Stun Spore
04F Sleep Powder
050 Petal Dance
051 String Shot
052 Dragon Rage
053 Fire Spin
054 Thundershock
055 Thunderbolt
056 Thunderwave
057 Thunder
058 Rock Throw
059 Earthquake
05A Fissure
05B Dig
05C Toxic
05D Confusion
05E Psychic
05F Hypnosis
060 Meditate
061 Agility
062 Quick Attack
063 Rage
064 Teleport
065 Night Shade
066 Mimic
067 Screech
068 Double Team
069 Recover
06A Harden
06B Minimize
06C Smokescreen
06D Confuse Ray
06E Withdraw
06F Defense Curl
070 Barrier
071 Light Screen
072 Haze
073 Reflect
074 Focus Energy
075 Bide
076 Metronome
077 Mirror Move
078 Selfdestruct
079 Egg Bomb
07A Lick
07B Smog
07C Sludge
07D Bone Club
07E Fire Blast
07F Waterfall
080 Clamp
081 Swift
082 Skull Bash
083 Spike Canon
084 Constrict
085 Amnesia
086 Kinesis
087 Softbiled
088 Hi Jump Kick
089 Glare
08A Dream Eater
08B Poison Gas
08C Barrage
08D Leech Life
08E Lovely Kiss
08F Sky Attack
090 Transform
091 Bubble
092 Dizzy Punch
093 Spore
094 Flash
095 Psywave
096 Splash
097 Acid Armor
098 Crabhammer
099 Explosion
09A Fury Swipes
09B Bonemerang
09C Rest
09D Rock Slide
09E Hyper Fang
09F Sharpen
0A0 Conversion
0A1 Tri Attack
0A2 Super Fang
0A3 Slash
0A4 Substitute
0A5 Struggle
0A6 Sketch
0A7 Triple Kick
0A8 Thief
0A9 Spider Web
0AA Mind Reader
0AB Nightmare
0AC Flame Wheel
0AD Snore
0AE Curse
0AF Flail
0B0 Conversion 2
0B1 Aeroblast
0B2 Cotton Spore
0B3 Reversal
0B4 Spite
0B5 Powder Snow
0B6 Protect
0B7 Mach Punch
0B8 Scary Face
0B9 Faint Attack
0BA Sweet Kiss
0BB Belly Drum
0BC Sludge Bomb
0BD Mud-Slap
0BE Octazooka
0BF Spikes
0C0 Zap Cannon
0C1 Foresight
0C2 Destiny Bond
0C3 Perish Song
0C4 Icy Wind
0C5 Detect
0C6 Bone Rush
0C7 Lock-On
0C8 Outrage
0C9 Sandstorm
0CA Giga Drain
0CB Endure
0CC Charm
0CD Rollout
0CE False Swipe
0CF Swagger
0D0 Milk Drink
0D1 Spark
0D2 Fury Cutter
0D3 Steel Wing
0D4 Mean Look
0D5 Attract
0D6 Sleep Talk
0D7 Heal Bell
0D8 Return
0D9 Present
0DA Frustration
0DB Safeguard
0DC Pain Split
0DD Sacred Fire
0DE Magnitude
0DF Dynamicpunch
0E0 Megahorn
0E1 Dragonbreath
0E2 Baton Pass
0E3 Encore
0E4 Pursuit
0E5 Rapid Spin
0E6 Sweet Scent
0E7 Iron Tail
0E8 Metal Claw
0E9 Vital Throw
0EA Morning Sun
0EB Synthesis
0EC Moonlight
0ED Hidden Power
0EE Cross Chop
0EF Twister
0F0 Rain Dance
0F1 Sunny Day
0F2 Crunch
0F3 Mirror Coat
0F4 Psych Up
0F5 Extremespeed
0F6 Ancientpower
0F7 Shadow Ball
0F8 Future Sight
0F9 Rock Snash
0FA Whirlpool
0FB Beat Up
0FC Fake Out
0FD Uproar
0FE Stockpile
0FF Spit Up
100 Swallow
101 Heat Wave
102 Hail
103 Torment
104 Flatter
105 Will-O-Wisp
106 Memento
107 Facade
108 Focus Punch
109 Smellingsalt
10A Follow Me
10B Nature Power
10C Charge
10D Taunt
10E Helping Hand
10F Trick
110 Role Play
111 Wish
112 Assist
113 Ingrain
114 Superpower
115 Magic Coat
116 Recycle
117 Revenge
118 Brick Break
119 Yawn
11A Knock Off
11B Endeavor
11C Eruption
11D Skill Swap
11E Imprison
11F Refresh
120 Grudge
121 Snatch
122 Secret Power
123 Dive
124 Arm Thrust
125 Camoflauge
126 Tail Glow
127 Luster Purge
128 Mist Ball
129 Featherdance
12A Teeter Dance
12B Blaze Kick
12C Mud Sport
12D Ice Ball
12E Needle Arm
12F Slack Off
130 Hyper Voice
131 Poison Fang
132 Crush Claw
133 Blast Burn
134 Hydro Cannon
135 Meteor Mash
136 Astonish
137 Weatherball
138 Aromatherapy
139 Fake Tears
13A Air Cutter
13B Overheat
13C Odor Sleuth
13D Rock Tomb
13E Silver Wind
13F Metal Sound
140 Grasswhistle
141 Tickle
142 Cosmic Power
143 Water Spout
144 Signal Beam
145 Shadow Punch
146 Extrasensory
147 Sky Uppercut
148 Sand Tomb
149 Sheer Cold
14A Muddy Water
14B Bullet Seed
14C Aerial Ace
14D Icicle Spear
14E Iron Defense
14F Block
150 Howl
151 Dragon Claw
152 Frenzy Plant
153 Bulk Up
154 Bounce
155 Mud Shot
156 Poison Tail
157 Covet
158 Volt Tackle
159 Magical Leaf
15A Water Sport
15B Calm Mind
15C Leaf Blade
15D Dragon Dance
15E Rock Blast
15F Shock Wave
160 Water Pulse
161 Doom Desire
162 Psycho Boost
163 Roost
164 Gravity
165 Miracle Eye
166 Wake-Up Slap
167 Hammer Arm
168 Gyro Ball
169 Healing Wish
16A Brine
16B Natural Gift
16C Feint
16D Pluck
16E Tailwind
16F Acupressure
170 Metal Burst
171 U-Turn
172 Close Combat
173 Payback
174 Assurance
175 Embargo
176 Fling
177 Psycho Shift
178 Trump Card
179 Heal Block
17A Wring Out
17B Power Trick
17C Gastro Acid
17D Lucky Chant
17E Me First
17F Copycat
180 Power Swap
181 Guard Swap
182 Punishment
183 Last Resort
184 Worry Seed
185 Sucker Punch
186 Toxic Spikes
187 Heart Swap
188 Aqua Ring
189 Magnet Rise
18A Flare Blitz
18B Force Palm
18C Aura Sphere
18D Rock Polish
18E Poison Jab
18F Dark Pulse
190 Night Slash
191 Aqua Tail
192 Seed Bomb
193 Air Slash
194 X-Scissor
195 Bug Buzz
196 Dragon Pulse
197 Dragon Rush
198 Power Gem
199 Drain Punch
19A Vacuum Wave
19B Focus Blast
19C Energy Ball
19D Brave Bird
19E Earth Power
19F Switcheroo
1A0 Giga Impact
1A1 Nasty Plot
1A2 Bullet Punch
1A3 Avalanche
1A4 Ice Shard
1A5 Shadow Claw
1A6 Thunder Fang
1A7 Ice Fang
1A8 Fire Fang
1A9 Shadow Sneak
1AA Mud Bomb
1AB Psycho Cut
1AC Zen Headbutt
1AD Mirror Shot
1AE Flash Cannon
1AF Rock Climb
1B0 Defog
1B1 Trick Room
1B2 Draco Meteor
1B3 Discharge
1B4 Lava Plume
1B5 Leaf Storm
1B6 Power Whip
1B7 Rock Wrecker
1B8 Cross Poison
1B9 Gunk Shot
1BA Iron Head
1BB Magnet Bomb
1BC Stone Edge
1BD Captivate
1BE Stealth Rock
1BF Grass Knot
1C0 Chatter
1C1 Judgement
1C2 Bug Bite
1C3 Charge Beam
1C4 Wood Hammer
1C5 Aqua Jet
1C6 Attack Order
1C7 Defend Order
1C8 Heal Order
1C9 Head Smash
1CA Double Hit
1CB Roar of Time
1CC Spacial Rend
1CD Lunar Dance
1CE Crush Grip
1CF Magma Storm
1D0 Dark Void
1D1 Seed Flare
1D2 Ominous Wind
1D3 Shadow Force
1D4 Hone Claws
1D5 Wide Guard
1D6 Guard Split
1D7 Power Split
1D8 Wonder Room
1D9 Psyshock
1DA Venoshock
1DB Autotomize
1DC Rage Powder
1DD Telekinesis
1DE Magic Room
1DF Smack Down
1E0 Storm Throw
1E1 Flame Burst
1E2 Sludge Wave
1E3 Quiver Dance
1E4 Heavy Slam
1E5 Synchronoise
1E6 Electro Ball
1E7 Soak
1E8 Flame Charge
1E9 Coil
1EA Low Sweep
1EB Acid Spray
1EC Foul Play
1ED Simple Beam
1EE Entrainment
1EF After You
1F0 Round
1F1 Echoed Voice
1F2 Chip Away
1F3 Clear Smog
1F4 Stored Power
1F5 Quick Guard
1F6 Ally Switch
1F7 Scald
1F8 Shell Smash
1F9 Heal Pulse
1FA Hex
1FB Sky Drop
1FC Shift Gear
1FD Circle Throw
1FE Incinerate
1FF Quash
200 Acrobatics
201 Reflect Type
202 Retaliate
203 Final Gambit
204 Bestow
205 Inferno
206 Water Pledge
207 Fire Pledge
208 Grass Pledge
209 Volt Switch
20A Struggle Bug
20B Bulldoze
20C Frost Breath
20D Dragon Tail
20E Work Up
20F Electroweb
210 Wild Charge
211 Drill Run
212 Dual Chop
213 Heart Stamp
214 Horn Leech
215 Sacred Sword
216 Razor Shell
217 Heat Crash
218 Leaf Tornado
219 Steamroller
21A Cotton Guard
21B Night Daze
21C Psystrike
21D Tail Slap
21E Hurricane
21F Head Charge
220 Gear Grind
221 Searing Shot
222 Techno Blast
223 Relic Song
224 Secret Sword
225 Glaciate
226 Bolt Strike
227 Blue Flare
228 Fiery Dance
229 Freeze Shock
22A Ice Burn
22B Snarl
22C Icicle Crash
22D V-Create
22E Fusion Flare
22F Fusion Bolt
Edited by MasterKirby1982
North American Version and fixes...
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Had an issue, the "gold bars hack" is giving me money instead and my gold bars are being unchanged. for the US version. Not sure if my game has to be a certain version or if my checkpoint cheats is the issue.

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