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Batch editor adds to dex catch count


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On a PLA save, if the batch editor is used to edit all of the mons across boxes, the dex catch count updates to indicate new mons are caught with the current number in the boxes. This happens even if the mons themselves should not be updated, and happens on the most recent version (2/14/2022). I noticed this after doing a batch edit then having Laventon update 99 dex entries at once 😂

For example, if the dex says I have caught 5 decidueyes and I currently have 2 in my boxes, doing a batch edit updates the dex to say I now have caught 7 decidueyes.


I have tested this batch editing a few different variables (GVs, TID/SID, CurrentLevel) and the issue still happens with them all. I also tried making an edit that would not change anything (I updated my TID to be itself) and the bug happened making the non-edit too. FWIW, the batch editor also said that a change was made even when it wasn't.

This isn't a big issue to me personally but wanted to report the bug for you guys, thanks for all the great work as usual!

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