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Looking for ARDS/ARDSi rom dumps


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If anyone happens to have a working ARDS (red label) or a ARDSI (yellow label) and GM9 could you please dump the rom of the cartridge?


This is done by:

1. Boot into GM9 by holding start

2. Insert your AR with a game (any game works)

3. Go into Gamecart (C:)

4. Press Y to copy the .nds (make sure it isn't the .trim.nds)

5. Press B to back out, then go to SDCARD (0:)

6. Press Y to paste the file you copied to dump the .nds to the sd card


I find myself in a predicament where the code manager for the ARDS (red label) doesn't detect the AR and I can't press the mouse button inside the AR software in my nintendo because the button isn't there.


For the ARDSI (yellow label) it seems that during an update it got disconnected or something and ARDSI Code Manager picks it up, but is unable to detect any version or look at the codes in there. I am hoping that I can use ards_firmware tool to extract a working firmware from rom (hopefully one of you guys provide it) and flash it again by using the code manager.


As for the ARDS (red label) I have no idea what to do with it, it boots but doesn't let me add codes or anything to it. I have tried to factory reset it to no effect. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm willing to try anything.

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While not officially endorsed by Nintendo, you’re asking for ROM dump of a commercial product. I won’t infract you due to the weird circumstance, but do know asking for ROMs is against our rules and you shouldn’t do it again :3


Also, while we might have AR codes and the like, we are by no means an AR forum. Your issue sounds frustrating. I do hope you go to a support channel/forum better equipped to deal with your issue.

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