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A Problem with PKhex


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So basically one time i was just using PKhex casually editing my pc's pokemon and after saving and restoring my *main* with checkpoint I load up the game and see that no changes were made , so I tried to fix it  for an hour and nothing changed at all , and when i tried making changing things while playing nothing also changed in  the program SO PLEASE GOD SOMEONE HELP ME MY BRAIN HURTS 

And YES i did export SAV > Export main and replaced the save file already 

I also tried closing and re-opening the program and dragging the *main* file in PKhex and i dont see any changes made



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7 minutes ago, McSpank said:

I already did but ok


main 405.5 kB · 0 downloads

Just confirming that you sent the right one. Some people don't replace the ones in the folder.

Okay, try something new. Make a back up from Pokemon X with Checkpoint, and name that back up to be replaced.

Then open your SD in your computer, replace the main in to be replaced with your intended shiny main. Then restore to be replaced into your game.

The let me know how it goes.

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