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is there a way I can fix the hacked pokemon sprite?


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sorry if I sound like a complete idiot I only started doing this yesterday but today in pokemon sword I tried to put a zygarde into my PC but when I opened up the game the sprite looked like a black pokeball and the model was a pikachu is there a way I can fix this? and I also use yuzu to play the game if that means anything

Screenshot (193).png

I've also tried other legendary pokemon such as mewtwo, necrozma, eternatus, zacian, and zamazenta and they all worked fine. The others that I tried that didn't work were rayquaza, groudon, regigigas, arceus, lugia, and of course zygarde

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3 minutes ago, Need_A_Contest said:



You're on the base game, not on v1.3.0.

Most of the species you've mentioned don't exist prior to v1.3.0, hence explaining the Pokeball sprite and Pikachu model you've experienced.


edit: While not the issue at hand here, your Zygarde are both illegal. Consider getting one generated using the encounter database in PKHeX.

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