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PMD Chip 2: Apple Alliance


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Edited for Hack Of The Year!

This is my team's entry for SkyTemple's hack jam! The jam ended half an hour ago, so I'm posting the link on this website as well now! ūüėĄ

To recap, the topic of the jam was "An Unlikely Team"; and the gimmick was "Have a Pokémon not present in the base game take an important role".

This hack is a continuation of PMD: Chip, my only previous finished hack. It follows Emmy (the protagonist of PMD: Chip) as she tries to get back yet another Apple from a thief, accompanied by the Staryu that first stole her Apple in Chip!

The hack was made by our team of people - Team Portal! The team includes me and two other people: Filthy#0173 and Pazkallan#0928 on Discord.

The hack features 4-5 short dungeons for a total of around 35 minutes of gameplay. Below here are a few screenshots and a patch for the clean US ROM. Hope you enjoy!

Hack Of The Year update:

A new version with plenty of features has been released in honor of HOTY!

It contains plenty of new features, such as:

  • Skippable cutscenes
  • Polish and QOL improvements
  • Extra content in the main menu

This is one step closer to being the definitive version of Chip 2, so I hope that if you play it, you'll enjoy your time with this new version!






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