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Pokemon Platinum Specific TM or HM Code


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Is there a code(or codes) to give a single specific HM or TM?  Now that I acquired an HM from the story, I cannot use the typical give all TM's or Remove All TMs/HMs code. 

Strangely enough, as a side note, I used the code to give JUST TM's and it ended up changing my HM rock smash to HM Cut...really weird.. 




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Click edit to the right of TM/HM

Choose the ones you want click save

go back to main window

Click export code

check the box for tm/hm

click save

save it to your desktop with some name

open the generated xml file

copy everything from "94000130" to "d2000000 00000000" inclusive

paste code in emulator code section.

DO NOT open your save with it.

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It's more better now :)
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