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White Smoke and Leer?


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How is Quilava able to lower my Torkoal's Defense with Leer when it has White Smoke? Isn't it supposed to work the same as Clear Body? I have a video footage of it that was recorded on December 25, 2012 and uploaded to youtube on January 15, 2013. I tried asking this question on smogon and it was never answered.


Start here!

<video removed>

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Banned for ban evasion.

Note: This is not the user's first attempt at ban evasion here.
His original ban involved harassing mods (and it's not limited to that).
He has also been banned on Discord for trolling, harassing mods, ban evading.

Also, this behavior of his is not new.
He's been banned from a slew of other sites, dating as far back as 2011.
Him being banned again now is not a coincidence..


edit: Unlocked the thread, and moved it to off-topic>debate forum, so people can talk about his BS.

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