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Gen 1 Yoshira Event Mew

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Hi everyone!


I just was wondering if it's possible to inject the save file from the Gen 1 Yoshira Mew event into a virtual copy of Pokemon Red/Blue on the 3DS. I've tried to do it myself several times, but I just can't get it. Every time I try to inject the save file, the virtual console keeps telling me it doesn't support external save files or something like that. If you don't know what I'm talking about in regards to the Mew event, you can read about it here: 



I've also tried injecting the save files into a flash cart but I was also unsuccessful at doing that too. However, I'll save that question for the flash cart discussion forum.


Thank you for your time! Any help is appreciated!


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19 minutes ago, mypokepop said:

I can definitely try. I have barely progressed in the game at all though lol. I only progressed enough to create a save file

yeah do that. Dump your save.
Then make a copy of that dumped folder.
then replace the save in the dumped folder. Make sure the save is named sav.dat
Then restore that copied (&edited) folder into the game.

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