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Search for the European "Pokémon Distribution Cartridges

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@Kaliiba since you're not contributing an event, I moved your post out of event contributions.

Looking for/searching for type of threads typically don't do well here, and we generally remind people on both sides of an agreement to proceed with caution (doing trades, or sales, etc), at this point of developments I don't see anything worrisome, so I'll just leave this here.

Happy waiting :3

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@Kaliiba I think ebay would be your best friend for this. Right now for the European cartridges, I can see (Celebi, Meloetta, Keldeo, Zoroark, Legendary (Y90Z &Y90P), Darkrai,  Shaymin) all with active listings.

Occasionally a karrablast/shelmet one pops up as well. However to find Liberty pass/Arceus you will need to be prepared to regularly search through many forums daily for any kind of chance.

Currently for $5500 USD, you can get 8/11 European cartridges off of ebay. (If the sellers are willing to ship to your location). Cheaper ones do pop up once in a while, but they are gone just as fast. If you want to complete the set for reasonable prices, be prepared to be looking for several years. Make sure to learn your prices as when a seller has the only one currently for sale, they can list any price they feel like.

Hopefully you have a decent budget, because even finding bargains will still run you thousands for the full set.

You may not find too much help out there, as most people who will stumble across this post are also looking to find those super rare final pieces to finish their own collections.

Best of luck!

~From a fellow collector

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@theSLAYER Thanks for moving the thread to the right category. I'll try my luck anyway maybe find someone who would sell Pokémon Distribution Cartridges :)


@CrystalsOn Ebay I look around for some time always times to find good offers


I have also often heard that in such forums, such as here, you can meet other people who sell such cartridges at a fair price.

I have set rough prices for the cartridges for me. But of course I don't want to buy overpriced ones.

But thanks for your help in my thread :)

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