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what means the G above the pokemon in home?


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hi, i am just kinda curious with those pokemon marks, i sent my mythicals from GO to home and found them with that distinctive mark, the others below are from other diferent events but, why GO pokemon have the G mark? Why the rest don't have their own generation mark? 0: even the meltan - melmetal from let's go don't have it. 


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(G) stands for from Pokémon GO.

To be specific: Origin Game = GO, Location  = Pokémon GO.

As a result, only direct GO->HOME transfers have them, not GO->LGPE->HOME
(GO->LGPE->HOME location ends up being Go Park Complex. As I briefly touched on above, location data also matters.)

10 hours ago, TiffanyDarlet said:

why GO pokemon have the G mark? Why the rest don't have their own generation mark?

I'm addressing why GO mons have the G-mark. (Why it's important to have a visual distinction for GO mons)
I don't think this was officially touched on, but I believe it's in part due to the HOME->SWSH travel restriction placed on GO mons.

At a glance, you need to know what mon may not be able to enter SWSH, and why.
While they do place a 🚫 on the mon, to show it can't travel into SWSH,
If a Mew has it, one may be confused: isn't Mew in SWSH, why can't it go into SWSH?

GO travel restriction: for legendaries and mythicals, if you haven't had it in SWSH, you can't transfer that species into HOME (originating from GO).
[Present day workaround, as long as the legendary/mythical doesn't bear your HOME's TID/SID combo, it can enter SWSH just fine. don't know if it's a bug that TPCi/GF will patch]

(in my tweet, I did call it row, when I meant column)

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