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Lost pokemon black file due to corruption, would like to request a file to a place similar where I left off

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the save file I'd like to request is fairly simple, I just recently entered Nimbasa city with a team consisting of:
Servine - 25 - Overgrow
Sandile - 25 - Moxie
Palpitoad - 25 - Swift Swim
Conkeldurr - 25 - Guts
Drillbur - 25 - Sand Force
Darumaka - 25 - Hustle
I also had any items you could obtain normally up until that point
HMs, TMs, etc
I also had up to the 3rd badge, I hadn't defeated Elisa yet, Just N at the ferris wheel
If anyone needs any more information, I can be found on discord @PapaHepatitis#7170
If anything this sophisticated isn't possible I can also settle for something a little less
I would also prefer this be on a DeSmuME emulator, however any emulator that runs Pokemon Black is also fine

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