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Living/National Dex Spreadsheet(s) [Resources and Requests]

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I am looking for a spreadsheet listing the current national dex up through Crown Tundra. 

Currently I am working on a couple different Living Dexs in Pokemon Home and would appreciate any organizational resources, preferably in a spreadsheet format. They do not necessarily need to be Living Dex oriented, any reference material will be helpful. 


Additionally here are some links to similar resources I've found online. I didn't make any of these, credits to each are in the links. I will try to keep this post updated w/ related content:


Templates - r/PokemonTrades

Pokemon Home Complete Living Dex List (UPDATED 11/17/20)

Pokemon Home Complete Living Dex Checklist (UPDATED 11/8/20)

National/Living/Shiny Dex Checklist (Up to Isle of Armor)

Living Dex Box Layout (Gen 1-8)

Gen 8 Ball-Dex


Useful resources but not spreadsheets:


PokeDex Tracker

PPorg In-Game Series

PPorg Event Gallery

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