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Transfering Pokes


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I'm kind of new to pkhex and was looking to transfer some pokes from ORAS to USUM and SWSH.

I've read the faq and see how to do that but was just wondering if the program will autocorrect the pokemons info. I know that at some point some of my older pokes changed from their original area to the "traveled a long way" message. I'm just trying to get some old pokes to look as accurate as possible and would appreciate any info or tips. Is it as simple as the faq says or do they require further correction?

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PKHeX can emulate the original mechanism used to transfer mons between generations. So you can simply drag and drop your Pokémons from a PKHeX tab with ORAS to another one with USUM/SwSh.

You can also export Pokémons in .pk6 format from ORAS and then importing them on USUM/SwSh, they will automatically be converted in .pk7/.pk8.

All mons will look exatly as they were transfered with official ways. You don't need anything else in USUM.

The only extra step you need is the HOME Tracker value for SwSh. When you officially transfer mons from Pokémon Bank to Pokémon HOME they receive an unique tracker ID. PKHeX obv can't calculate it, but fortunatly if you put in Pokémon HOME a Pokémon without that ID the system will automatically assign a new one. So if you transfer mons from ORAS to SwSh with PKHeX you need to upload them from SwSh to HOME in order to get that ID (you can use a free HOME account). ->More informations about HOME Tracker

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