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PKHeX wrong Pokepuff Bug?


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Hello, i've noticed a rather off issue with PKHeX, the Pokepuff tab that allows you to give yourself whatever Puffs you want, doesn't seem to....work, right, as in when i look up pokepuffs online and it says that Mint pokepuffs for instance are supposed to be green, but when i add a bunch of mint puffs, ingame they are actually Sweet puffs because they're are Pink not Green as they should be. are the Puffs..mixed up or something? like lets say i want Mint and sweet Puffs, i add them, they say mint and Sweet puffs, but ingame they are ALL Sweet puffs (Pink). or..am i missing something? i even tried adding all the flavors to the list and yet all i get is mostly Pinks and Mocha's, Maybe one or two greens. and Citras is supposed to be The orange Puffs right? and yet allz i get is Mostly Pinks/Sweets. whats the deal?

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