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How can I create shiny pokemon without rerolling pid on pkhex?

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What I want to do is creating legal gigantamax square shiny charizard with pkhex in swsh.

I've found the seed, pid, ec for my gigantamax shiny charizard with RaidFinder and this is the result.


seed : 1EC5B221174366B6

pid : 7784938C

ec : 39E0D111

HP:31 A:28 B:31 C:31 D:31 E:31, Hidden ability, Male.


I put all of these info to my gigantamax  charizard, but my charizard didn't become shiny automatically.

so I clicked the 'star' next to the 'pid' section to make my charizard shiny, but the pid was automatically modified(=pid was rerolled) to something else (= not 7784938C)


How can I create shiny pokemon without rerolling pid, for putting '7784938C' pid  in this situation? 




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