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Pkhex to home with one switch?


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Hello all! Any help is appreciated! I have a cfw switch and im already familiar with the process to customize my save file and upload it back to the game (thru checkpioint/pkhex). Thats not the problem. 

I have three questions!   

 1) Im wondering, is there a way I can get my pokemon from my cfw switch save file onto pokemon home without a second Switch?

2) is there a way i can edit my ofw pokemon file (i have a purchased copy of sword) thru the cfw checkpoint and when i restore the file itll successfully change my ofw pokemon save file? again, not needing another switch. 

and 3) is there another way to do this that im not thinking of? or do i really just need another switch? lol.  again, any help is appreciated! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

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That really depends on how safe you want to be. I personally have loaded CFW on sysnand for backing up my legit sword save, moved all my legitimate pokemon to HOMe, then reloaded the save essentially cloning them. I might get hit with the next ban wave, who knows. It worked when HOME launched and here I am a little over two months later not banned yet.

As said, it is a risk I was willing to take to send those pokemon to HOME but keep them on my sword save. You could do the same by backing up your legit save, loading your "cfw switch file" on sysnand, reboot stock, go online send the pokemon to HOME, go offline, load cfw on sysnand and restore your legit save. As stated, this would slightly increase your ban risk. How much? I wouldn't know as I don't personally use emunand and just CFW on sysnand. I have been for a year and my switch isn't banned, yet. I accept this risk, you may not, but it is an option.

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I just kept my sysnand online with Atmosphere for month now. I used (and still use) checkpoint, JKSV, LiveHex, modified Rom (pknx), sysbot and lots more while on CFW. I also used Home and downloaded games from EShop while on CFW.

So far so good.

I didn't read anyone who has been banned only for lunch CFW on sysnand, you should be safe if you don't install NSP or XCI.

Obviously, don't blame me or anyone else if you will get banned. If you're going to try this, take your responsability :)

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