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.dss save sate on a New Save Game Without Resetting! Looking for a solution.

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I have a save state of Pokemon Platinum in DraStic, an Android emulator, saved as .dss format.
The game was started as a new game without resetting, meaning the file can not be saved from the game itself as .dsv (The in-game save file format).
I tried with others in-game save files of PKM Platinum as .dsv format in PKHex to see if the format works, and fortunately it does.
Now I know it is possible to edit that kind of in-game save files in PKHex.

The goal is to see how to make the .dss save state file to save the game normally, so it just creates a new .dsv file and rescue the time invested in the game.
In another case, just rescue the Pokemon team the game has to export it, or if someone knows a way to see/calculate the IVs of the Pokemon to copy their stats manually with PKHex and remake them.
Any other ideas are welcome.    :)

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