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Ultra Moon || PK3DS Doesn't Allow Drag-Drop GARC Extraction


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So after scouring the internet for far too long on trying to figure out how to extract the battle and OW models from Ultra Moon (I have concluded that these are located within a/1/7/4 and a/2/0/0 respectively, please correct me if this is wrong), I've run into an issue.

Attempting to extract 0 and 4 within GARCTool results in a OutOfMemory error (GARCTool successfully extracts the battle models for Omega Ruby for me, so it's not totally broken in that sense).
GARC UnPacker yields the same error message.
I try to use the "(un)Pack + BCLIM" tool within PK3DS, but every single forum response I can find on unpacking these GARCs stays to drag and drop.

One issue with this: drag-dropping the 0 or 4 file results in PK3DS giving me a big, fat 🚫 (the "prohibited" circle with the line through it, if you can't see the emoji) icon when I hover the file over the GARC/DARC/Mini Unpacker window. Holding CTRL whilst dragging does not help. Has this functionality been removed in the latest version of PK3DS, or is there some dependency I don't have installed?

Thank you,

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I was playing a bit in these days in extracting some cool images from all Pokemon 3DS games, i can guide you a bit. I'm using pk3DS>Tools>Misc Tools>(un)Pack + BCLIM to decrypt .bin files, Every File Explorer and Kuriimu>Kukkii to see and extract/convert them into .png images.

All pokemon little sprites (box pokemon sprites) are in 0/6/2 (you'll get a folder with 1154 files named dec_0000, dec_0001,...,dec_1153), all items images are in 0/6/1 (you'll get a folder with 769 files named dec_0000, dec_0001,...,dec_768). Still didn't dig to much for big pokemon sprites, i can anyway tell you that in Pokemon Moon you can find all big sprites inside 2/6/9 (you'll get a folder with 855 files named dec_0000, dec_0001,...,dec_854). Let me know!

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