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PKHex and Action Replay ds


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25 minutes ago, leonidasM2000 said:

Is it possible to make Pokemon with PKHex and transfer the data to ds through Action Replay ???

P.S Newby here just wondering

Does Action Replay even back up save files to begin with? I don't recall that functionality being a thing..

I imagine it's can't restore as well (since it doesn't have a backup function).
In theory, you probably can write a long heck cheat code that effectively overwrites your save,
but I imagine that probably lags out the device..

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8 minutes ago, leonidasM2000 said:

i dont understand what that has to do with anything but no it cant back up files. 

Generally, when a company releases such a product, and if they made a "restore feature", it is to an extent useless without a "backup feature".

Until emulators came along later, it's not like users had saves to restore. Users could have made backups with competitors tools, but the company really wouldn't want that know, would they? It makes no financial sense.

8 minutes ago, leonidasM2000 said:

my AR has an sd card slot though

That seems different from the ones I know, could you upload a picture?
The one I owned didn't backup games (I don't remember if it had a restore function, but for the reason explained prior: backup and restore typically comes in pairs), but yours clearly is slightly different, since mine didn't have a SD slot.

Well, if your AR doesn't have a restore option, there isn't any real point in any of this now, is there? :<

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Just now, leonidasM2000 said:

damn tha sucks..... can you recommend me some decent pokemon generators for ds at least ??? (i mean generating them through PC and exporting the codes to AR)

Are you absolutely sure your AR doesn't support Backup and Restore?
In our Managing NDS Save tutorial section, one method is via AR with SD slot.
If your model is the same, above linked may work.

If not:
I'm unsure if PKHeX can export mons as AR for NDS, But I know Pokegen can.

Hope the options above helps.

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9 minutes ago, leonidasM2000 said:

just checked it out again and actually i have the exact same one and yes there is an option to backup afterall

Good! take note this method only works for DPPt, so I hope that's one of the games you wanted to restore to.
You could use the converter in the tutorial's image to convert back to a duc, and replace the file in your folder, I suppose.
Always keep a safe unedited backup before moving things around and editing them.

If your game isn't DPPt, consider using one of the other options to manage NDS saves.

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