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[Request US/UM] - Shiny 6IV DITTO

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Hey guys. You guys have been super helpful to me so I was wondering if I could be cheeky enough to ask for a shiny 6IV Ditto? Haha. 




Pokemon Species: Ditto


Gender: N/A


Held Item: Lucky Egg


Level: 60


Ability: Imposter


Nickname (If wanted): 


Trainer ID (If specific): ID No. 950157


Secret ID (If specific):


Shiny (Yes or No): Yes


Egg (Yes or No): No


Egg Move: 


Nature: Timid


Pokérus Status: Infected


Pokéball Captured In: Luxury Ball


EV Stats: N/A


 IV Stats: All 31


Ribbons (If any): ??


Location/Date Met: ??


 Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): None


 Friend Code (If Trading): 3797-7047-4981


online FYI. Just for me personal use  


Thank you guys! 

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