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SWSH Blocks and Save Research

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Event/Promoted Raids and Dynamax Crystal data


Lengths stay the same (thus far) across versions.
drop_rewards (length 0x426C)
dai_encount (length 0x1241C) [Dynamax crystal encounters]
normal_encount (length 0x23D4) [Event/Promoted Raid Nest]
bonus_rewards (length 0x116C4)

These files are exact copies of the filename found in the BCAT.

*Object KDropRewards is for drop_rewards
*Object KDaiEncount is for dai_encount
*Object KNormalEncount is for normal_encount
*Object KBonusRewards is for bonus_rewards


I simply had to place the existing those files into a fresh save with hacked in Dynamax Crystals, and those Crystals appear to spawn the mon just fine.
Note: We have uploaded the wild area event files. You can check our Event Gallery for it.


also tested shiny values for normal_encount
00 - Default
01 - Cannot Be Shiny
02 - Forced Square Shiny
03 - No Notable Purpose
04 - No Notable Purpose
05 - testing
06 - No Notable Purpose


Download Rules data


While the download rules does not appear to have a fixed block, they are all the same size: 0x2304

The blocks that occupied the rules are:
*Object KDownloadRules1
*Object KDownloadRules2
*Object KDownloadRules3
*Object KDownloadRules4
*Object KDownloadRules5
*Object KDownloadRules6

I simply had to place the existing 6 rules on a fresh save into those 6 blocks, and those 6 rules became usable on Link Battles.

While it is presently not known, these blocks share the same size:
*Object KDownloadRulesU1
*Object KDownloadRulesU2

Official Competition Data


Any text that Official Competitions will use, are in block *Object KOfficialCompetition

Once the competition ends and you try to view it (process of unlocking Mystery Gift tied to the competition), it will unlock the battle team you used, and this block is purged.




Block key: *Object Fashion

Note: These are only potentially the changes, for Male save.
The bytes I documented seems accurate; the clothing gets unlocked for a fresh save.
For some scenarios, you gotta flip the binaries for existing values.

Sports Tracksuit
0x380: 0x01
0x400: 0x01
0x500: 0x01
0x583: Add 00000010 (binary)   [0x90 -> 0x92]
0x603: 0x01
0x683: Add 00000100 (binary)   [0x10 -> 0x14]

Quest Tee
0x48D: 0x01

Pikachu and Eevee uniform
0x482: Add 00110000 (binary)   [0xC8 -> 0xF8]
0x582: Add 01100000 (binary)   [0x90 -> 0xF0]
0x601: Add 00110000 (binary)   [0xC8 -> 0xF8]
0x682: Add 00110000 (binary)   [0xC8 -> 0xF8]
0x702: 0x18
0xC02: Add 00110000 (binary)   [0xC8 -> 0xF8]
0xD82: Add 00110000 (binary)   [0xC8 -> 0xF8]
0xF01: Add 00000010 (binary)   [0xA8 -> 0xAA]

Gold Studded Bagpack
0x505: 0x20


More to come.. maybe?

note: this page isn’t a FAQ. Go to the appropriate thread for that.

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