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I did an oopsie (help needed)


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So I was just dicking around on a soulsilver file on desmume, and I went to gen in a few rare candies but forgot to do the import export thingy when doing so and accidentally screwed up my whole save. I still have the original dsv open in pokegen, but any time I try to save and open it in desmume, even after using an nds save converter to put it as a .sav and trying to import the backup memory, it's still just not working and acting as if there is no save file. Is there any way to fix this or is this file just totally lost?

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if the Pokegen is open, for starters, save as a SAV file somewhere else unrelated to Desmume.

Also, use PKHeX. PKHeX is able to edit DSVs directly.

Now, that you've saved elsewhere, you should be able to import battery file with desmume, using that SAV we just made.

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