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Are you referring to mechanic similar to how in Sword and Shield does not allow you catch Pokemon in the Wild Area at too high of a level, but in an ORAS setting?  If so ORAS does not have that limiting feature.  Or are you referring to when you get a Pokemon that does not have your trainer information and how it will disobey you until you have the correct badge?  If that's the case you will have to edit which badges you have, but that could mess with story elements.  Or are you referring to how in Secret Bases you can have all Pokemon at level 50 or use the machine in the base to battle them at their actual level?  In that scenario I don't think PKHaX or PKHeX can help you since I don't think Secret Base decorations have been researched, therefore; can not be added to the program and I don't think there is a program out there that lets you edit existing bases.  Does any of these answers answer your question?

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I'm pretty sure this is about the level release in secret bases.

So, if decorations haven't been researched yet, then there's not much that can be done for now. Although, maybe it'd be possible to edit player coordinates to get to battle resort early, get the level release decoration, and then move the player character back to its original location. That might work.

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