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Shiny Pokemon Egg Guide


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Ok, I looked on these forums and there wasn't a Pokemon Shiny Egg Guide, so here it is.

Firstly, find the pokemon you want a lvl 1 Shiny of. Catch a Ditto, and put it and the other Pokemon into the Day-Care. Next, you'll need a site that says when, roughly, the eggs will hatch, like http://serebii.net/pokedex-dp/ Now, save once you get 1 Number away from the egg hatch Number. Now walk forward until the egg hatches (This may be about 200 steps) When the egg hatches, don't move, and look at the number of steps. Write this down. Turn the power off, then on. Now, go to the number before that, and save. Now, walk forward, and the egg will hatch. How cool is that? Now, if it isn't shiny, soft reset (L, R, Select, Start) and keep repeating the process. This may be pointless with a terrible pokemon, but with something like a Magikarp or Feebas, it will be your saviour!

Note, I do not own Serebii.net, nor do I work with them in any way.

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