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Gen VIII Event Contribution Thread


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Hello everyone, I'm theSLAYER, your events moderator and forum manager here!
First of all, I'll like to thank everyone for their past contributions and co-operation thus far!


My hopes aside, I expect SWSH's events to be similar to LGPE, namely being non-injectable.
As there are distributions for items and clothings/outfits, our contribution system would slightly differ from previous generations.
Please please please read the entire section below, especially before you redeem your gift.

How to contribute
We need both of these:
1. Data that contains the event

  • Provide a before redemption save and after redemption save (you could upload it here or PM it to me)
    [You're gonna need a modified/hacked Switch in order to extract the saves]
  • Alternatively, you may PM me and donate to us the serial code, if it's a items or clothings/outfits event.
    [Do note that with this, I will not be able to return you the code]

Purpose for the above:
To see what other flags were set when the event was received (Before and after required to make the comparison)
To extract Wonder Card Records that was stored on the save after redemption.


2. Details relating to the event
If possible provide as much of below as possible:

  • Pictures of the event location, the distribution device etc (if it's a local distribution)
  • Photo/screengrab of receiving screen
  • Serial code card (you can blank out the last 12 digits of the code; we only need the prefix, and a nice look at the card)

Purpose for the above:
The images will act as proof of receiving the event
The images can be added to our Event Gallery. It's nice to see what goes down at an event :)


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